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Welcome to the Office Space Advisor Blog

Dec 3, 2014 8:30:00 AM

welcome-to-our-copt-blogStop for a moment and think about your organization’s office space. How many of the following items ring true for you?

  • It’s where you and your employees spend more time than at your homes.
  • It’s where critical conversations and decisions get made – both formally and informally.
  • It’s where friendships are started and culture is created.
  • It’s where critical information is housed and things get done.
  • It’s where deals flow and your business grows.
Your office space is also one of the top three costs of doing business.  Yet, how much time do you actually spend ensuring that you're getting the best value from this expense? Is your space – and is your landlord – truly aligned with your business strategy?

The entire process of leasing facilities is fraught with complexity, confusion and risk.  Making a mistake about your space (and the details of managing it) can cost you resources and, more importantly, years of progress.

There are few decisions made in business that require more commitment – in terms of money and time – than those involving commercial space. As the rate of change in business increases, predictability can decrease. And that means more risk.

Yet, within all risk lies great opportunity.  Properly managed, your commercial space decisions can give you a competitive advantage, more control over your business and greater flexibility. Those decisions can give you an advantage in recruiting talent, acquiring customers and controlling costs.

As we like to say at COPT: Don't just choose office space, choose a strategy.

And that’s the reason why, after being in business for over 25 years, we’ve decided to write a blog.  Our goal is to share the experience we’ve gained, and the customer-focused approach we take, in order to ensure win-win outcomes for everyone. We’ll provide insights so you know how landlords think. And, we’ll highlight best practices to enable you to manage your business space better.

We encourage whatever level of conversation you wish. Leave us a comment. Send us an email. And, of course, reach out if you’re ready to learn how we can help your business gain a strategic advantage in the markets we serve.


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